Three Signs That The Purification System Under A Sink Needs To Be Looked At By A Technician

28 May 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you need large amount of pure and eminently drinkable water for a restaurant or other business, getting a water purification system installed under a kitchen sink is key. While normal tap water may be adequate for most commercial uses, you customers will definitely be able to tell the difference between almost pure and completely pure water. To know when a commercial water purification system needs to be looked at by a technician, watch for these three signs. 

You Can Hear A Discrete Gurgling Sound Under Your Sink

To purify your tap water, all of the loose sediment in the water needs to have plenty of space to fall into the storage tanks at the bottom of the machine. If you can hear a gurgling sound coming from your sink while the water purifier is on, the cause is probably sediment grinding through a bottleneck in your system.

Especially if you've been using your purification system for a very long time, a problem deep within the machine will be almost impossible for you to solve without calling a technician. Even if the fix is as simple as cleaning out hardened sediment from a bottleneck, you're more likely than not to damage a commercial purifier if you try to mess with it.

The Water Pressure Gauge Needle On The Machine Keeps Bobbing Up And Down

Some commercial purification systems come with a water pressure gauge. This isn't to measure the water pressure coming through your pipes; instead, on larger systems, it's meant to measure the output of the small motor running water through the machine and back up to the faucet.

If the needle on the water pressure gauge keeps bobbing up and down, the cause could be anything from a sputtering motor to some of the internal parts in the system coming loose and blocking where water's supposed to go.

Any Water At All Leaks Out Of The Membrane

The membrane at the top of a commercial water filter is what spits out purified water. In some models, it also has a nozzle that can emit brine as a waste product. If you can see any water at all on this membrane when you open your sink cabinet and look at it, you'll need to get it looked at immediately. Without a tight seal on the water going through the membrane, you can't be sure that the water will be completely purified when it reaches your faucet.

Don't be intimidated if you notice anything unusual about your commercial water purification system. Even if you have to call a technician, a quick fix is usually possible to make without replacing the whole system.