3 Signs You Need To Have Your Water Treatment System Serviced

22 February 2016
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Water treatment systems are commonly used in homes where there are high amounts of iron and other minerals in the water. You don't want your water to taste like metal. This is where the water system comes into play and takes care of it for you. It filters out all of those excess minerals and leaves you with some of the most amazing water around. These systems are crucial to giving you the water you desire. When they start to fail, your water quality will begin to suffer. To help you identify the signs that something isn't right with your system, here are three things to be on the lookout for.

Your water pressure starts to decline.

Water treatment systems are connected to the main water lines coming into your home. They filter the water before it ever enters into your home and gets filtered through to the different outlets. If the filters in your water treatment system end up becoming clogged, it can cause the water pressure to start declining. The best way to determine where the fault lies is to call upon a plumbing specialist who can come out and take a look at the system for you.

The water starts tasting funny or having a rotten smell.

For those who are used to the benefits of a water treatment system, it is relatively easy to tell that something isn't right with the water. You get used to water tasting a certain way. When it stops tasting that way, it often means that the pollutants are entering the system again and need to be filtered out. If you start noticing a different taste to your water, you need to have the system repaired quickly to restore your unit to proper operating order.

The water has a weird tint to it.

Water should be nice and clear. If it starts turning a rust color, that means that your water treatment system isn't pulling the iron out like it should. It might be that the unit needs salt, the water filter is clogged or something else in the system. Water that is a green in color often signals contamination and needs to be taken care of quickly.

Don't ignore the signs that something isn't right with your water treatment system. In doing so, you will find yourself drinking water that is less than desirable, as well as costly repairs that could have been avoided. For more information, talk to a professional like Friot's Water Treatment CO.