3 Pitfalls Your Company Could Avoid With The Help Of Compliance Training

13 February 2015
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

The laws surrounding the workplace are always changing. When it comes to staying current on the laws, you need to check the most recent court cases and the outcomes. Each case can determine how your company should behave in the future. By having certain policies in place, you can avoid these same issues you see in the court system. Compliance training is essential for everyone in the company.

Be Smart in Hiring

Companies want to hire the most qualified people for their jobs, but occasionally someone's qualifications can't help them. There are other things companies look at when considering whether to hire a person or not. Their health is one area a company will focus on to make sure the person can actually perform their job. If you are in charge of hiring for your company, you need to make sure you aren't discriminating against prospective employees because of their situation. More and more companies are choosing people who live a healthier lifestyle because they feel like they will pay less in insurance benefits and be at work more often. This could be a dangerous practice. For example, an applicant cannot be turned down for a job just because they smoke. There are 29 states plus the District of Columbia that currently protect the rights of smokers and consider this discrimination. 

Pregnant Women

Women account for over half the workforce. More and more women are choosing to work throughout their pregnancy. While not all women need accommodating during their pregnancy, those with more physically demanding jobs may require some changes to be made in order for them to fulfill their duties. What type of accommodations need to be made? That is still currently unclear. The Supreme Court is still working on a decision that will hopefully make it clearer how employers should respond to accommodating pregnant women. Right now, employers are expected to make light duty accommodations for pregnant women just as they would for someone else in a similar condition. 

IT Maintenance

You hear all the time about companies being hacked and personal information of customers and employees getting out. Did you know that your company could be held responsible if shown that you were not protecting them adequately enough? IT maintenance is important in ensuring that your computer systems remain up-to-date and virus free. By slacking on your caring for your information systems, you could be putting everyone at risk.

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