5 Safety Tips For Your Dumpster Rental

21 January 2015
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Regardless of whether you are looking to do a home renovation project or you are simply looking to do some spring cleaning, a dumpster rental can help simplify the process for you. Even though you might know exactly what you want in a dumpster, there are other things you need to consider about the rental. Safety is a huge concern when bringing one of these items to your home or business. Make sure to follow the safety tips below to ensure a safe rental process for all involved.

Pay attention to what you are putting in the dumpster.

Even though you might think you can put whatever you want inside of the dumpster, that isn't the case. When using a dumpster, you need to know what you are allowed to put into the unit. Items that are flammable, acidic materials, batteries, solvents, tires or radioactive materials cannot be thrown inside of traditional dumpsters.

Location matters.

When choosing where to place the dumpster on your property, you need to make sure you choose wisely. The dumpster should be placed on level ground that can handle the dumpster's weight when loaded. Think about the surroundings. Don't block your driveway with the dumpster. Give it proper space from any power lines, buildings, trees and so on. This prevents anyone being in danger when loading the dumpster.

Gather the proper protective gear.

Regardless of whether you are using the dumpster at your home or business, you want to use the proper gear to keep yourself protected. At a minimum, you want to wear a pair of gloves. This helps to prevent any injuries, infections and contamination when handling household items. When using a dumpster on the commercial level, you should wear helmets, boots and gloves to prevent injury and potentially death.

Refrain from smoking around the dumpster.

To help prevent a fire from breaking out, avoid smoking anywhere near the dumpster. Papers and other flammable items can easily ignite by throwing a cigarette butt inside of the dumpster.

Make sure the kids stay away from the dumpster.

Just about every child loves to go exploring, but a dumpster is no place for children to play. Explain how dangerous the dumpster is and why they should stay away from them. Don't place the dumpster somewhere that the kids are going to play. It should be positioned in a neutral zone and out of the way.

By following the safety tips above, you can prevent anyone from getting injured unnecessarily.